tisdagen den 8:e november 2011

RBS 009: Zakhour - Light Glass Wall (Album)

We are incredibly proud to release the debut album of french master mind Zakhour, a truly suggestive journey through musical magic.

Listen on Soundcloud and by the release on iTunes.

Zakhour: Piercing [Light Glass Wall Album] by rightbacksound

[The RBS-Team]

onsdagen den 28:e september 2011

Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out

We have a huge crush on this single!

[The RBS-Team]

tisdagen den 6:e september 2011

Theophilus London - I Stand Alone

Multitalented, this fella!

[The RBS-Team]

tisdagen den 30:e augusti 2011

OH MY GOD - Cults

Because they did such a fantastic gig at Stockholm festival Popaganda this weekend!

[The RBS-Team]

Adele - Someone Like You

Magnificent - live from the VMAS.

[The RBS-Team]

fredagen den 26:e augusti 2011

L-Vis 1990 - Lost In Love

Just as great as one would have imagined!

[The RBS-Team]